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Full Immersion at a Young Age
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Welcome to Spanish Immersion Workshop (SiW), Long Island’s leading Spanish immersion program for children! SiW is an age-appropriate, interactive early childhood development program that will allow your child to ‘acquire’ Spanish naturally through a playful, interactive immersion environment.

Taught by experienced native Spanish-speaking teachers with backgrounds in childhood education, SiW classes are conducted in small groups (12 students per class maximum, with 2 teachers) in preschool and school formats as well as the “mommy & me” format (8 students max) for younger chiquitos. Classes are available year-round, including summer!

A Head Start
on Success

Why immersion? Discover the science behind why younger is better when it comes to language learning, and why full immersion is the shortest route to deep learning!

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Experience the magic of language immersion for yourself! Come to any SiW program to see our classes for yourself with a free, no-obligation demo class.

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Virtual Programs offer students ages 2 to 12 the flexibility of multi-day attendance in an environment that allows them to develop their Spanish language skills rapidly in the comfort of their home!

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