Spanish Summer Programs

Spanish summer programs offered by Spanish Immersion Workshop are designed to keep your child engaged by tapping into their full learning potential with enjoyable activities to make their summer memorable.

Spanish summer programsAt its best, learning is fun! We keep that top of mind when crafting our summer programs for children aged one to twelve. Through an immersive learning atmosphere, our students have so much fun, they do not realize they are learning.

We engage our students through music, art, games, stories, water activities, sharing and other fun activities to make the experience enjoyable while keeping them engaged in listening and responding exclusively in the Spanish language. These activities help them to associate words, phrases and sentences with certain activities and actions, making Spanish easier to learn and retain.

When other kids are spending their summer breaks sitting around playing video games, yours can become enriched with a second language experience, enhancing their cognitive abilities, broadening their understanding and tolerance for other cultures, and developing their brains for more creative thinking.

Why Choose Spanish Immersion Workshop for your child’s Spanish Summer Program?

  • Classes instructed by native Spanish speaking teachers
  • Age-appropriate courses developed specifically for toddlers and elementary school aged children
  • The learning experience can continue throughout the year, in person or available online
  • Small class sizes ensure your child receives individual attention
  • Learning is acquired naturally, when the child is ready, the same way we learn to speak our primary language.

We are members of the following associations: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC); National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL); Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey (FLENJ); and American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).

Our students learn Spanish at a faster pace than in-school programs and we initiate learning at a much earlier age than is offered in the standard school curriculum. We believe that exposure to a foreign language at a young age, when the brain is still developing its neural pathways, is the ideal time to teach Spanish for long lasting impact and the fastest learning experience.

The intimate, small class setting offers every child the opportunity for individual interaction with the teacher to get the most out of a summer packed with learning experiences.

Sign your child up for an intensive Spanish summer program experience to get him or her started on the path to educational enrichment. We offer our summer programs at our Garden City and Dix Hills, New York locations. Choose from full or half days and as many days as you want to give your child as much exposure to Spanish as you like this summer. We look forward to sharing this unique learning experience and a season of joy with your child this season.