Spanish Immersion Preschool Classes

Spanish Immersion preschool classes allow children to ‘acquire’ Spanish speaking naturally by immersing them in the language in a fun, interactive environment. They will be immersed in Spanish while engaging with the same curriculum they would in an English-speaking preschool. Children have very unique abilities to learn a new language in ways that are difficult for adult learners, which is why preschool activities and lessons offer the ideal environment for a child to learn Spanish naturally.


These immersive Spanish classes for kids make language learning fun. Students are excited to sing, play games and recite poems in Spanish. Immersion allows children to quickly begin to be able to use functional Spanish to express themselves, the same way they can in English.

The children will even reflect their love of Spanish through their music tastes, both in the classroom and at home. Parents are given CDs of the music the children listen and dance to in class, so that they can continue to have fun at home while reinforcing the words and phrases that they have learned in preschool.

preschool kids in Spanish classWith immersion Spanish classes designed specifically for each age group, SIW has the perfect Spanish curriculum for preschool aged children. They will learn different thematic units, all completely in Spanish, to create a fun and meaningful integrated learning experience. Spanish Immersion Workshop takes on a nationally recognized preschool curriculum made up of a specific set of learning objectives and social, emotional, and cognitive skills to develop, all while immersed in Spanish.

The preschool activities that the children participate in are fun, so learning is effortless. The activities include arts and crafts, music and drama, storytelling, interactive games, cultural activities and even snack-tivities, so Spanish language can be incorporated into all aspects of the children’s lives. The Spanish preschool classes are made up of no more than 12 students per class with 2 teachers, so each child will have lots of loving care and attention.