Children’s Spanish Classes

Our goal is to provide your child with useful and meaningful Spanish language experiences in an anxiety-free, fun-filled environment where he/she will quickly begin to use functional Spanish to express him/herself.

Year-Round Programs Available

SIW offers programs all year round, including 2 children’s Spanish school-year semesters and summer programs. Our school year is made up of 2 semesters: Fall (semester 1; Sept-Jan) & Winter-Spring (semester 2; Feb-Jun). View our Preschool and Spanish School & Programs pages to learn more. New students can join at any time during a semester on an open/rolling enrollment basis.

Parents who enjoy a “Mommy & Me” format can take advantage of our Parent & Child and Partial Separation programs to have fun spending time with their child while introducing them to a second language!

SIW follows a standard school year calendar very closely, but not always exactly; you can view our school year calendar for full details.

Summer Programs

Our SiW Summer Camp runs 8 weeks and the summer Chiquitos (parent & child) program runs 7 weeks, from July to August. Classes range from once per week for 45 minutes up to 5 days per week for 3 hours (half-day) or 5½ hours (full-day), depending on the program. View our Summer Programs page to learn more.

What to Expect

Class activities are age appropriate and designed specifically for each age group and developmental level. The curriculm revolves around thematic units creating a meaningful integrated learning experience. Students experience the complete structure and sound of the Spanish language while they enjoy participating in arts & crafts, music & movement, drama, story telling, interactive games, and snack-tivities; since classes are conducted solely in Spanish without translation, the children learn far more than just key vocabulary.

And because all of our programs’ activities are designed to be fun and engaging, the children participate without the full realization that everything is happening in Spanish. They simply have fun while associating what they are doing and what’s happening with the Spanish they are hearing, this is the natural language learning process — the same way children learn their primary language.

Classes are open to children with no language proficiency or previous exposure, as well as to those whose parents want to improve their child’s Spanish skills in a playful engaging environment outside the home or usual setting (Super Chicos and Literaacy programs have prior Spanish requirements).

Included in All Programs:

► In all programs students get access to our exclusive music playlist containing all the songs they will be learning in class.

► Students receive notebooks in all classes other than parent & child programs.

► SiW provides all the materials for projects.

► All teachers are native Spanish speakers with training in the SiW teaching methodology.

► New students can join a program at any time on an open enrollment basis.

► Preschool parents also receive an information-packed Weekly Student Newsletter including great photos. Click to see a sample.