We’re about more than just Spanish…

SiW is also about your child’s cognitive brain development.

Neural linguistic patterns and cognitive pathways develop rapidly in young children. Children have very unique abilities to learn — in ways adults cannot. However, if these pathways are not used and developed at a young age, the window of opportunity closes forever. (That’s why, if you’ve ever tried to learn a language as an adult — any age over about 10 years old– it is so difficult; it requires a totally different part of the brain.)

During each session, the children will have methodical and consistent exposure to Spanish which allows them to ‘acquire’ and absorb the language naturally (not by translation). The new language will emerge when the child is ready — this is the same way a child learns their first language.

SiW classes are specifically designed for young children allowing them to ‘acquire’ Spanish naturally while exploring their world through playful interaction and entertaining full immersion — English translations are not used in class. These kids Spanish classes are enriched by activities including songs, games, arts & crafts, snack-tivities, story telling, role-play and movement activities.

One of our goals is to maximize and improve your child’s learning experience. As part of our program, every student receives a music CD filled with all the songs we are singing in class.  Older children also receive their own Spanish Notebook and Workbook for projects and activities.

Part of our goal is to also help you understand your child’s cognitive development and the benefits of starting a foreign language program at an early age. Click the link to read an article about early childhood development and foreign language learning called Bilingual Babies.