Spanish for Kids

teaching spanish for kidsWe believe that teaching Spanish classes for children of an early age through immersion in engaging activities helps them attain their full potential, enhancing their skills in other educational areas in the process. Scientific testing has indicated that students with exposure to a second language score significantly higher in reading, math, language, creative thinking and problem-solving.

At a young age, a second language comes to a child as easily as the first language. Children’s minds are at a cognitive stage that permits thought process in a second language; due to a natural brain change around puberty, older children and adults  are required to learn a second language by translation. Children ten and under can tap into these developing neural pathways to curtail the process of language learning making learning effortless. Continuous exposure to a Spanish-only environment engages kids at many different learning levels.

Spanish classes
for young children develop their reasoning skills, problem-solving abilities and expand their mental boundaries. Exposing children during their preschool years offers them the greatest opportunity to learn quickly and speak fluently. In turn, exposure at this young age will equip them with the skills to perform better in other school subjects.

Why immersion works. When children are exposed to a language through many different activities such as arts and crafts, music and movement, drama, story-telling, interactive games and snack time activities, they listen, experience, engage and interact all in Spanish. There is no translation; the learning and instinct to respond in Spanish become second nature.

spanish lesson for kidsClick for more information about our Spanish immersion classes for kids:

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 Spanish Program for Kids

There is a world of difference in Spanish programs for kids when the learning experience involves a native speaking teacher. The best way for a child to learn to repeat the proper sounds of Spanish words is to hear them pronounced properly. Our online learning experience can bring this native experience directly to your living room.

Our online learning Spanish classes include all the same interactive experiences offered through our in-person classes including cultural lessons, games, music, and playtime.

Spanish for Children

Our Spanish for children program offers an immersive experience for children up to twelve years old. Even toddlers can begin learning the basics of a second language. Through fun activities conducted exclusively in Spanish, children learn to associate words and sounds with specific actions. This experience helps commit the learning to memory through practice, repetition, and sound recognition.

Learning Spanish for Kids

Learning Spanish, for kids, is easier while their minds are still developing and offering them enrichment during a time when people have less contact is vital to proper development. Spanish Immersion Workshop was designed to encourage cultural understanding and cognitive development.

Our year-round programs include two semesters with open enrollment that follow the standard school year calendar plus two different age-based summer programs. Contact us for more information about our Spanish for kids’ programs and how to get your child started today.