What Other Parents Are Saying About SiW

“I never imagined my 18 month old would be able to learn Spanish, especially when he is just learning to speak English! But, with the immersion approach he is able to integrate Spanish and English into his vocabulary at the same time- there’s no need for translation. It just comes naturally at this age! I also love the fact that Karina models ways for us, the parents, to take what our children learn in class and build on it at home.”

-R. Lytle, Manhasset

“[My daughter] definitely loves Spanish class! She will dance when she hears the Spanish class CD in the car. When I try to use Ms. Karina’s way to let her clean up the toys, it works!”

-X. Yam, Manhasset

“My two-year-old son was a little timid in class at first, but Karina was able to bring him into the activities in small ways until he gradually became comfortable with the routine. He now looks forward to class – on days when we don’t have class, but still pass the church in which the class is held, he shouts “Hola!” from the back seat, and then “Adios!” He speaks a few words of Spanish regularly and seems to comprehend most of what Karina says in class. My six-month-old thoroughly enjoys class, too, and responds with giggles to Karina’s animated songs and games!”

-K. Irwin, Garden City

“[My daughter] is having a wonderful learning experience through the Spanish Immersion Workshop. In addition to becoming familiar with another language, the teaching techniques provide for a challenging yet fun environment to grow and learn. Through song, interaction and play, Jacqueline is starting to learn basic Spanish – at the age of 2 ½!”

“Just the other day, [my daughter] surprised me at the depth of her knowledge. We have a contractor working in our house who is Latino and speaks fluent Spanish. As we was speaking Spanish to his workers, Jacqueline went over to them and said “Hola amigos”. I was so surprised (and so were they!)! Not only did she know they were speaking Spanish but she attempted to communicate with them in Spanish.”

“She looks forward to the class weekly and I feel confident that she will be fluent within the next few years.”

-K. Petry, Garden City

“Personally, I wholeheartedly endorse the immersion methodology.
I love the classes and the energy you bring to them! It’s nice that you incorporate games, arts and crafts and song so that the students think they’re just having fun! After about 6 weeks, [my son] and I were in a store and he said that he didn’t like Spanish. When asked why not, he said because he didn’t understand anything. I explained that one day it would click and he would understand it all. About a half hour later, totally unbidden, he began to count to 10 in Spanish!”

-M. Jaeger, Garden City

“I would recommend your program for anyone who is interested in having their child learn a second language at an early age. Your fantastic personality and energy really make the classes a pleasure. My kids will be back in the fall to continue their Spanish education. We love the classes and the singing!”

-T. Cargiulo, Manhasset

“[My son] enjoyed the Spanish Immersion Class very much! I loved how you incorporated games with their learning of the language. Many thanks.”

-T. Pletcher, Garden City

“By the way, the other day we put on the Spanish CD while we were cleaning up her room and I have to tell you how amazed and thrilled I was to hear [my daughter] singing and doing the choreography to the songs. So thrilled that I ended up doing most of the cleaning while she performed! I don’t know if I’m just being an exuberant parent but she really seems to have an ear for this and she’s gravitated to it. I’m so glad we found your program.”

-J. Seow, Manhasset

“[My daughter], who is 2 1/2, loves her Spanish classes with Miss Karina. The classes are fun, enjoyable and entertaining and she is learning a new language at the same time. She loves to play the CD at home and is comfortable saying “Hola” or “Adios” to Spanish speaking people she meets.”

-L. Sciarrino, Manhasset

“The Spanish Immersion Workshop has been a miracle for me. My son, 4, had refused to speak any Spanish since entering pre-school. It dawned on me that, his Mommy being the only Hispanic he knew, he felt it was too “different.” Since attending the Workshop and seeing others, including children his own age, speak Spanish, my son is now PROUD to be able to say things, in his words, “two different ways.” Coupled with the fun he has in class, I feel blessed to have found the program. I too am proud of him; and I beam each time he sings to his little sister in Spanish. I cannot wait until she is old enough to attend!”

-K. Zebleh, Manhasset

“[My daughter] prefers watching Blue’s Clue’s in Spanish. And, when she listens to her Spanish tapes and cd’s before she goes to bed, she sings along in Spanish!”

-S. Gage, Garden City

“Every Thursday evening when I get home from work, I love to ask [my daughter] what new words she’s learned today. She always rattles off several. The great thing is she uses them during the rest of the week. She even corrects my horrible high school Spanish.”

“Her friend, who takes the class also, comes over and they walk around the house singing in Spanish. My Mom, who takes her to the class, has hung around and she comes home singing the songs too! Pretty funny.”

“[My daughter] really looks forward to going to class. I think your method of speaking only Spanish during the session works well for her. Also incorporating crafts makes the learning fun.”

“I cannot tell you how much [my daughter] loves the class! She sings in Spanish around the house all the time!”

-J. Pracher, Manhasset