Mommy and Me Spanish Program

SiW’s Mommy and Me Spanish program, the Chiquitos program, was designed to make your child’s learning experience a shared experience and memory. Learning Spanish together can help your child take his or her learning home, reinforcing everything learned during class time. Students continue the learning at home with our exclusive SiW Spotify playlist containing all the music used in class.

mommy and me spanish classesIt will also provide your child with a greater comfort level because you’ll be right there. This heightened level of support can help kids lower their guards and embrace the learning experience much more easily, especially for children who have never attended a drop-off or full separation class before.

The Mommy and Me experience may also end up being something you and your child share throughout life, fortifying the bond between you. This class serves not only as a great way to get your child to learn Spanish; it’s also a great way to meet other moms who may become life-long friends.

Let’s not forget, learning Spanish at a young age will help a child’s overall mental ability. Kids are prone to becoming more creative, developing a better memory and becoming more adept at critical thinking. These characteristics will translate into better performance in school as well as quicker and more developed levels of maturity. With the Mommy & Me Spanish program, you will be able to watch your child grow as you support him or her.

The Mommy and Me Spanish Program on Long Island

spanish-language-lessons-childrenThis program will also help children develop and read in their native language. Research has shown that children who learn a second language are considerably better at recognizing incorrect sentences than children who are only learning a single language.

This experience can also help your child become more empathetic to other people and their experiences. This is because it helps kids understand why other people speak different languages and enables them to see things from another’s perspective. So, as you grow together in class, you can continue to grow together at home; your child’s interactions with you will likely improve because he or she will have a better understanding of your point of view.

Finally, this class may help improve your family vacation experience together. You both will be able to travel to a Spanish speaking country and interact with people with ease.

So, what’s not to love? If you’re ready to give your child a foreign language learning experience with your direct love, care and support, then sign up for our Chiquitos (Mommy and Me) Spanish program today! Or, experience the joy of our Chiquitos (Mommy & Me) Spanish program for yourself by attending a free demo class.