Toddler Language Classes

toddler language classes long islandToddler language classes have more impact on a child’s growth than most people realize. Knowing multiple languages is an extremely beneficial skill in modern times for employment, travel, and communicating with new people. But, there is more to it than just making communication easier; being bilingual also helps people to become more open-minded and encourages cognitive developments such as improved attention span and multi-tasking skills. Studies even show that bilingual people are healthier too!

Toddlers are at the critical period for language learning when the incorporation of another language, if presented in a fun way, can lead them to naturally absorbing and using the new language. Language classes for toddlers offer the most effective environment for children to become bilingual; as an adult, learning the language is far more difficult to do. Children’s brains develop with their language skills, therefore, their capacity to learn multiple languages at the same time is higher the younger they start.

Similarly, learning multiple languages at the same time is the best way to learn, because there will be no pre-determined auditory map to hinder one’s abilities to master additional languages. The auditory map is the range of phonetic sound people can hear and understand, which develops within the first year of a baby’s life. Learning at this auditory map development stage means that a child’s ability to hear, recognize, and understand sounds in multiple languages will rapidly improve because he or she will be driven to understand and differentiate many different phonemes from multiple languages – this also allows them to speak the language with nativelike pronunciation.

The value of language classes for toddlers can endure throughout a person’s life. Primarily, knowing multiple languages means that these toddlers will grow up with the ability to communicate with a much larger group of people. This, in turn, allows these children to become more culturally aware of the world around them, which will aid them with their school, careers, and travel. Then, there is the idea that learning foreign languages makes children smarter and well rounded. There have been studies proving how learning multiple languages helps children later in life with improved test scores, increased creative thinking, and even having a better ear for music, all because of the brain developments that come with learning more than one language. Language class for kids builds the foundation for enriched learning experience and a broader set of skills upon entering the work force.

Our Spanish Immersion Workshop encourages children to become bilingual through immersing them in the language, meaning they will only hear and speak Spanish in this classroom environment. The Spanish Immersion Workshop is a place for young children to learn Spanish in a fun environment complete with songs, games, stories, arts and crafts, and even snacks, but because they are fully immersed, they quickly pick up the language the same, natural, way they would learn their first language. As a top rated bilingual Spanish school for children, we have helped thousands of young kids learn in a nurturing and fun environment.

While the Spanish Immersion Workshop offers classes for children from ages one to twelve, the language classes for toddlers are crucial to language development, as it is the critical period and therefore the most successful time for language development. For this young age level, the Spanish Immersion Program offers parent and child classes to introduce young children to a new language with the comfort of their parent’s presence, as well as a complete preschool program for even greater exposure and learning. With our options for fall, spring, and summer sessions, toddlers can be immersed in Spanish year-round.

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Online Spanish Lessons for Toddlers

To continue offering the enrichment of foreign language learning throughout our current health crisis, Spanish Immersion Workshop now offers online Spanish lessons for toddlers with all the interactive and creative activities of in-person classes from the safety of your own home. Sign up today to bring the magic of immersion learning into your own living room where you can give your child the opportunity for enrichment without the concern of viral exposure. We keep classes sizes small to maximize exposure and keep your child engaged throughout the lessons.