The Lifelong Benefits of Learning Spanish

The benefit of learning Spanish at a young age are clear: it helps a young brain develop, children absorb a new language easier than adults and, most of all, it gives them a leg up later in life. How exactly does it help later in life? Well, there’s more than one answer to that question.

Toddler Language Classes

Knowing multiple languages is an extremely beneficial skill in modern times for employment, travel, and communicating with new people. But, there is more to it than just making communication easier; being bilingual also helps people to become more open-minded and encourages cognitive developments such as improved attention span and multi-tasking skills. Studies even show that

Spanish Immersion Preschool Classes

Spanish Immersion preschool classes allow children to ‘acquire’ Spanish speaking naturally by immersing them in the language in a fun, interactive environment. They will be immersed in Spanish while engaging with the same curriculum they would in an English-speaking preschool. Children have very unique abilities to learn a new language in ways that are difficult

A Brief History of Spanish Immersion

Believe it or not, the history of language immersion dates back over five thousand years. That’s when the very first language classes were taught in schools. For thousands of years, Latin was the primary language offered in educational facilities. Then, in the 18th century, schools promoted the study of modern languages; however, the work was

Activities Geared Towards Kids Using Spanish At Home

Some of the best ways to reinforce Spanish language at home with your kids is to encourage a continued immersion even after being out of the classroom. Share in Their Enthusiasm with Community Events Young kids derive the importance and excitement of learning Spanish from their parents and adults around them. One way to impart

What Is Spanish Language Immersion?

In general, language immersion is a method of learning a new language where an individual is completely immersed immediately. This method is incredibly effective because it is naturally how people learn their first language when they are young. When children are born, they learn by hearing repeated words and phrases, and they gradually make the

Summer Camp

"CAMPAMENTO DE ESPAÑOL" For children ages 2½ to 7 (and age 10 in Dix Hills!) FUN, INTERACTIVE, INTENSELY EFFECTIVE 2018: July 2nd - August 24th 'Spanish Only' Full- or Half-Day Summer Camp True to our unique -- no translation -- method of immersing children in the Spanish language, "Campamento de Español" combines all the benefits

Chiquitos Summer Program

Our Chiquitos (parent & child) Summer Program The earlier the better when it comes to children learning a language and this is a wonderful age to have fun with and enjoy your child. This program is perfect for both and a great way to introduce your child to Spanish! Our famously popular 'mommy & me'

Mommy and Me Spanish Program

SiW’s Mommy and Me Spanish program, the Chiquitos program, was designed to make your child’s learning experience a shared experience and memory. Learning Spanish together can help your child take his or her learning home, reinforcing everything learned during class time. Students continue the learning at home with a CD containing all the music used

Spanish for Kids

We believe that teaching Spanish classes for children of an early age through immersion in engaging activities helps them attain their full potential, enhancing their skills in other educational areas in the process. Scientific testing has indicated that students with exposure to a second language score significantly higher in reading, math, language, creative thinking and

Summer Programs

Our Summer Programs Summer Camp 2018: July 2 - August 24 Our most popular summer program is now offered for up to 8 weeks in both our Garden City & Dix Hills locations during July and August! New expanded age range, 2½ to 7 years old (and now age 10 in Dix Hills)! Learn More

Programs Overview

Parent & Child (Ages 1–3) Preschool (Ages 2–4) Spanish School & Programs (Ages 3½–12) Summer Programs (Ages 1–10) Children's Spanish Classes Our goal is to provide your child with useful and meaningful Spanish language experiences in an anxiety-free, fun-filled environment where he/she will quickly begin to use functional Spanish to express him/herself. Year-Round Programs Available